About Us


Whether you like surprises or not, here at ElitePeso we offer you products that belongs to the category of beautiful surprises that can makes everyone’s day amazing.


Our goal at

ElitePeso is to offer our customers products that bring 100% joy, and a magical change to their everyday lives, with the best value for money / delivery.

At ElitePeso we understand how hard shopping online can be, and just how much it truly takes to put your trust in a company. We want to assure you; we will always maintain absolute integrity and never take your trust for granted.


ElitePeso is an online store that is committed to providing its customers around the world with incredible items and exceptional service.

ElitePeso’ mission is to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of its customers by offering a full range of innovative products, simple to use, reliable with the best value for money in our sector.



  • Demonstrate leadership in responding to the problems our clients face in a professional manner.
  • Always reinventing to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market.
  • Ensure that our offers continue to inspire our customers.


  • Competitive prices.
  • Quality merchandise.
  • Outstanding service.
  • Encourage clients to submit ideas.
  • Maintain customer trust and respect.